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Welcome to SOUL's Community Blog!

Safe Space

This blog is created just for you--pregnant or postpartum Mama--with real life stories, creative encouragement, education, and more to empower your journey, in a safe space.

We are a grassroots organization, which means we don't necessarily have professional writers contributing (though some may happen to be)... 

Posts come from people in our community who care about you!


Note: Posts do not necessarily reflect the views of SOUL as an organization or of every individual involved in SOUL. They are also not a substitute for medical or mental health professional care. By engaging with the content, you agree not to hold SOUL or its community contributors liable for any decisions you make based on it.

Have something to share that might encourage, empower, or educate a pregnant / postpartum mom?

Email with your idea.

Ideas should be directly related to pregnancy / new motherhood.

Posts may be written content or any type of creative art form easily sharable online.

Open only to SC residents or SOUL Donors/Volunteers from anywhere.

Limit one submission per quarter.

By submitting, you agree that this is a unique piece of original content made by you. If there are multiple contributors, you must get written permission from every contributor to submit it to SOUL's Community Blog. You agree to release SOUL from liability of any kind for content. You also agree to allow SOUL to use the content in whatever way we deem appropriate, without payment.

SOUL reserves the right to reject posts or edit the content according to our mission.

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