We believe every SOUL is made in the Image of God
 and worthy of love. 

Why SOUL offers Housing Assistance for Pregnant Women

SOUL is here for pregnant women in unstable housing situations.

Poverty should not stand in the way of a woman who wants to keep her child.

No woman should have to worry about meeting her basic needs when she is pregnant.

She is a sanctuary for her unborn child; We are a sanctuary for her.​

Income Loss

Women who need to take off time from work because of the pregnancy don’t always qualify for paid leave.


This causes many single pregnant women, who were living paycheck to paycheck, to fall behind on their bills, putting them at risk of eviction if help is not found in time.



Homeless women are almost five times more likely to become pregnant than housed women, with most of their pregnancies being unplanned.


Some are forced into sex or engaging in 'survival sex' for food, money, shelter, or drugs.



Those below the federal poverty level or cohabiting are 2-3 times more likely to experience unplanned pregnancy.

Financial reasons are a primary factor in about 40% of women seeking abortions.

Health Risks

Prenatally homeless women are more likely to experience a low birth rate, preterm delivery or a complication that affects their health during birth.

Living in a shelter is associated with higher rates of hemorrhaging and maternal birth complications.



Lack of Affordable Housing in the Charleston Area

"Over 200,000 people are identified as cost burdened by the housing costs meaning they cannot afford their rent or mortgage payments, leaving many to have to make very tough financial decisions.

Those earning $15 an hour would have to work 54 hours per week to afford a basic two bedroom apartment.

Every year our region needs 2600 of affordable units built to keep pace. Right now, less than 10% of that amount is being built each year."


"211,000 residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing.

N Charleston’s 2016 eviction rate was 16.5%, the highest of any large city in the US, with 10 households evicted every day."


Why SOUL offers a Peer Support Group & Long-Term Mentoring

SOUL is here for pregnant women and new moms who need
support to empower their futures despite surprises.

No woman should have to make a decision about her child out of fear or desperation.

No woman should walk through pregnancy or parenting alone.

She is supporting another life; We will do what we can to support her life.

and Faith-Building Connection

Half of pregnancies are unplanned.


1 in 3 women seeking abortions give partner-related reasons, indicating a need for additional support.


Healthy Relationships

Half of all homeless women report that domestic violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness.


In South Carolina, 1 in 4 kids from the foster care system become homeless and/or pregnant by age 19, the fourth highest rate in the nation. 1 in 5 former foster children cannot name a caring adult they feel connected to.


Budgeting & Career Skills

1 in 5 women seeking abortion describe feeling unprepared to raise a child, or felt that a baby would interfere with their future goals and opportunities.


Self-Care through Pregnancy and Parenting

Women who feel overwhelmed may not have the capacity to seek proper prenatal care, which puts themselves and their children at risk.


High stress during pregnancy, increased from lack of support, can affect the child's

development and increase health risks of both mother and child.


Study after study of a wide variety of issues show:

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