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14 children impacted

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Quotes from SOUL Clients

- Jessica, SOUL Sister / Housing Client

"You have made

such a difference

in my life."

Nursery Room

Client Story

It was one of the coldest nights in January. But at three months pregnant, a sweet young lady and her six-year-old daughter were sleeping in her car. Again.


She did not want to continue the pregnancy. The relationship with her children’s father was rocky, and family support proved unreliable. Just one year ago, she’d lost a baby at seven months gestation, and her high blood pressure put this pregnancy at risk. Her doctors demanded bed rest. Unable to handle the physical demands of her nursing assistant job, she lost her income and her apartment. She needed to support her daughter. Abortion seemed like her only option.

She scheduled an appointment at DAZZ Medical Services. The counselors there gave her hope that she could continue the pregnancy. They referred her to an organization that could help -- SOUL. It took her a few days to gather the courage to call. Then the weather turned colder and she grew desperate.

When she showed up for her first SOUL Sisters meeting, she was amazed at how she was treated. She couldn’t believe the women of SOUL cared so much about her and genuinely wanted to help. Working with SOUL to form a plan, she found an affordable mobile home in North Charleston. She gathered as much money as she could and SOUL provided the balance of her security deposit and first month’s rent.


She and her daughter celebrated their stable home! She continued attending SOUL Sisters meetings and worked an online job from home. Thriving in SOUL’s budget and relationship classes, she began making positive changes. She grew in faith, praying and trusting God to provide. She gained hope that she could parent her baby, and God protected her throughout her dangerous pregnancy.

Her son was born premature, but healthy! SOUL assisted financially and spiritually throughout her pregnancy and maternity leave while she worked to earn what she could from home. Today, she is back to work, in a nicer townhome, and attends a local church. With gratitude, she says, “All I can do is keep praying and thanking God.”