We are the Sanctuary together!
Together, let's empower new moms with what they need to make good choices for themselves and for their children...

Choose to be part of the Sanctuary of Unborn Life.
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Double the Impact

Did you know many employers offer to match

donations made by their employees to nonprofits?

SOUL accepts matching gift requests.

Talk to your HR department to see if we can double your impact.

12 for 12

Can you be one of 12 people committed to giving $12/month for the next 12 months

to help sustain and grow SOUL's work?

Committed so far: 8 of 12

(Will update ASAP.)

 Maternity Apartment Goal


It will take just 30 more monthly supporters

to empower the SOUL community to purchase

*the first maternity apartment for adult women in the Lowcountry,*

providing a safe place for pregnant mothers in crisis.






4+ "Home" supporters

5+ "Love" supporters

6+ "Teach" supporters

7+ "Support" supporters

8+ "Encourage" supporters

Will you be 1 of 30?

"Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong, and do it." I Chronicles 28:10
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God bless you for your ministry through SOUL! 

More Ways to Give

Baby Shower Gifts
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Diapers (up to 6 months)
Walmart Gift Cards
Devotional Bibles & Journals
New/Gently Used Diaper Bags
Amazon Smile
Think Big
Country House_edited_edited_edited_edite
Give housing, land, cafe, office, storage space, or services.

Plan Legacy Gifts.
Fill The Nest
We're preparing for our first maternity home! Praying for provision of a rental.