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We are the Sanctuary together!
Together, let's empower new moms with what they need to make good choices for themselves and for their children...
Choose to be part of the Sanctuary of Unborn Life.
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Double the Impact

Did you know many employers offer to match

donations made by their employees to nonprofits?

SOUL accepts matching gift requests.

Talk to your HR department to see if we can double your impact.


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Become a “SOULmate!” 

Monthly donors make an ongoing impact,
allowing SOUL to continue the work faithfully.

Mailing Address:


PO Box 1214

Goose Creek, SC 29445

Please include your name

and email address with mail.

More Ways to Help

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Bottles, Wipes, Diapers,

Swaddling Blankets,

Clothing 0-6 months,

Pack'n'Play with Bassinet,

Infant Car Seat

Care Closet
Baby Shower Gifts_edited_edited_edited_e
Raise Funds
Follow SOULcial Media
Host the Donation House
Spread the Word
Free Ways
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Give housing, land, cafe, office, storage space, or services.

Plan Legacy Gifts.
Think Big

Used Item Donation Guide

As we have limited storage space, larger items are accepted on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of moms currently in the program.

All donations must be clean, safe, and in good working condition.

  • Not Accepted:

    • SOUL does not accept or distribute expired items of any kind.

    • SOUL does not accept or distribute recalled items of any kind. (This can be checked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission – // 1-800-638-2772) 

    • SOUL does not accept or distribute items with known excess of the lead level limits.

    • Broken items are to be discarded.

    • Any highchair, stroller, infant swing, or car seat without the proper belts are not accepted or distributed.

    • Due to safety concerns, baby walkers and jumpers are not accepted or distributed.

    • Drop-side rail cribs are not accepted or distributed.

  • Specifications and Precautions:

    • Vertical slats on cribs must be no farther than 2 ⅜” apart. 

    • Donated breast pumps must be a closed system and sterilized by the donor.

    • Mattresses, furniture, and clothing are to be screened for bedbugs by the staff member prior to accepting the donation.

    • Paint on furniture prior to 1978 may have unacceptable levels of lead, and therefore must be sanded down and repainted by the donor before donating. 

    • Car seats:

      • Must have instructions

      • Has a date of manufacture and model number

      • No older than six years old

      • Not recalled according to the Department of Transportation’s Vehicle Safety Hotline (1-888-DASH-2-DOT)

      • Has not been involved in a crash of any kind

      • Has no cracks in the frame

      • Has no missing parts

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God bless you for your ministry through SOUL! 
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