Free Ways to Help

Raise Funds
Set up a Facebook fundraiser.

Ask your employer if they match donations.

Do a yard sale or sell your old stuff online and donate a portion to SOUL.

Coordinate a profit-share event with a business.

Get creative & use your gifts!
Host the House
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"Host the House" at your church or business to help provide maternity housing for pregnant women in need.

The free-standing SOUL Donation House is 63” tall  and only requires floor space of 18”x 15”. Donors can slide check, cash, or credit card slip into the slot. Flyers, donation slips, and envelopes are provided. 


We deliver the Donation House, offer a brief presentation if desired, and after a hosting period, we pick it up.

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Pray for SOUL's ministry and clients.

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Help with awareness, grant-writing, event-planning, etc.

What is your gift?
Spread the Word
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Share SOUL with people you know.

Invite friends to SOUL events.

Share with your church or group. We'd be glad to come speak or set up an info table!