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Job Openings

Administrative Director


SOUL is a pro-life Christian nonprofit ministry that provides support, mentoring, and housing assistance for pregnant and new moms in the South Carolina Lowcountry.


SOUL endeavors to create a safe haven that provides emotional support and spiritual encouragement as well as life management counseling, career skills, and financial assistance for expectant mothers.


  • Highly organized, detail oriented, and able to multitask multiple projects at a time

  • Follows policies and procedures thoroughly

  • Motivated self-starter who is able to work independently

  • Leader mentality who is able to delegate and manage people well

  • Ability to respond to urgent needs

  • Ability to plan ahead and meet deadlines

  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills; professional and personal

  • Good written communication skills

  • Able to stay calm and positive under pressure

  • Computer and internet literacy

  • Creative in new ideas, assessing what might work and what can be improved

  • Responsive and flexible to meet needs


Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or GED required

  • Associates Degree or higher preferred.

  • Minimum one year experience in human services, nonprofit, social work, public health, business, marketing, graphic design, fundraising, and/or ministry preferred.


License Requirements

Must have a valid driver’s license and carry automotive insurance.


Summary of Main Duties: Housing Program Administrative Duties and Supporter Event Leadership


Housing Programs Administration

  • General

    • Read housing client case notes weekly and provide guidance to mentors

    • By referral from Client Coordinator, bring women through the application process to determine eligibility for assistance, responding to crisis situations in a timely manner to serve clients’ needs

    • If accepted, complete Admission Agreement 

    • Complete and upload all consents and other forms to case files

    • Coordinate with Executive Director on updating and developing policies, procedures, programs, and trainings as needed

    • Respond to any client contact as soon as possible, within 24 hours

    • Provide backup client services (including non-housing clients) to fill in gaps as needed, including client calls, mentoring, supervision, etc.

  • Facilitate the Housing Assistance Program

    • Assist client in locating suitable housing or emergency shelter as needed

    • Request payment of emergency housing subsidies according to approved financial assistance

    • Ensure facilitation of required mentoring and ongoing client financial reporting requirements, continuing to assess need

  • Oversee the Maternity Home

    • If accepted, bring client through orientation and check-in process

    • Ensure all policies and procedures are followed

    • Plan and implement the Maternity Home Program, based upon the client’s assessed needs

    • Work with Mentoring Coordinator to assign volunteer mentors as needed

    • Personally visit the home a minimum of once per week, depending on the stage; consistently assess the situation, responding appropriately

    • Respond to urgent and emergent needs within the home

    • Oversee home maintenance during guest stays, and complete steps needed for transitions between guests

    • Request purchases within approved budget

    • Bring client through discharge and check-out process

    • Collaborate with Directors on the development of Maternity Home(s)


Supporter Connection Leadership

  • Coordinate, recruit, and supervise volunteers for all nonprofit needs

  • Plan, organize, lead, promote, and execute SOUL Supporter events:

    • Annual Tea with SOUL fundraiser - Late Spring

    • Annual Supporter Connection (fundraiser/awareness) event - Summer/Fall

    • Annual Volunteer Appreciation event - Winter

  • Coordinate with SOULcial Media Volunteer / Executive Director on promotions 

    • Provide photos/graphics as able and/or request volunteer creation

    • Coordinate the creation of an annual Client Testimony video to be shared at Tea with SOUL and online


Various administrative duties: spreadsheets, case notes, photo uploads, records, etc.


Starting Position:

  • Part-time at 10-12 hours per week (flexible to respond to SOUL need)

  • Work from home, in SOUL home/office/storage, and in the community

To apply, complete the application below, and send your resume with a cover letter email to

Not your best role? A couple other options:


Volunteer for Now

Submit an application here: Volunteer with SOUL

Future Leadership Positions


If you'd like to be considered for future leadership positions at SOUL (staff or volunteer), please submit your resume and a letter of interest to Stefanie at

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